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Old Southern Traditional Style
Sugar Cane Grinding

SE Georgia Fall Festival Event
Coming November 18, 2017 @ 2 PM to Allenhurst, Georgia
(The third Saturday in November every year!)

 You are cordially invited!

Come out and bring the family to watch the making of sugar cane into delicious syrup!

Watch and learn the 18th & 19th Century method for making SUGAR CANE syrup.

The SUGAR CANE is crushed and Cane Juice is collected. Watch the boiling process that will produce the syrup!

Have a part in the age old tradition and partake in real, old-time events such as:

  • Storytelling
  • Cane Chewing Contest
  • Biscuit Sopping Contest
  • Wood splitting

There is nothing more wholesome than attending this event. Bring the Grandparents too! They may remember these happy days of harvest and completion!

Watch how the SUGAR CANE is   harvested and trimmed. Hands on   participation is available (NO   cutting) for Boys and Girls Clubs,   Scouts, or any volunteer   organization. Prior appointment   must be made. It's easy! Just   make  a call to Mr Hall!  

We also have an Antique Review, Animal Review and tour. We are family-oriented. A suggested donation to attend is just $5.00. This enables us to continue producing this down home, uniquely, traditional event.

Live Music Entertainment

This is a day long event so please make your plans to attend!

Contact Hosley Hall for more information 912-223-0363

The finished organic product. Freshly made syrup!

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